Gusto Kong Malaman Mong Na-appreciate Ko ang Text na To Mula Sa'yo

I miss warm hugs in a cold and rainy night. I miss late night strolls. I miss ranting about how we despise our work environments. I miss pigging out almost every night at 9/10 pm. I miss me and dad’s date nights when we’ll just have dinner out or bbq or cook  canned goods. 

I’ve never been away from you guys for more than 6 months in a span of 5 years. Spent all those birthdays with you. Every year becomes even more special and memorable. Just realized that: I also need to let go and move on. You became my crutch, my gatorade and my unli hug machine. Now,I’ll just have to accept the fact that it’s not the case or it will ever again be. My hard fact to face: you’ll never be as physically present as you have been all these years. I regret the times I took for granted. I’m being clingy…needy because I still hang on to my security blanket. You.

I miss the moments when we didn’t get along(to borrow perry/dr. doof’s words). I am forever grateful for I have not survived college and a short stint at the real world if you guys weren’t there. I miss you so much it hurts. I love you like JD loves Turk.

To me you’d always be the queen who protects the princess from headless monters that appear during bedtime. My ate, who just wants me to fulfill every dream I have. A magician, the egg and the hot water in an old rubbing alcohol container does the trick and cures me from being ill. My mamay who reminds me how hardheaded I still am and like any hardworking mom, brought me at work to assure me that I get a portion of her time. Bambam, who drew piattos and bahay kubo constellations in the sky during one camping trip. Kat, my fave Filipino writer. I’m out of words so I’ll say this again..

I miss you so much it does hurt right there where it hurts when I get a heartburn. And yeah, I love you just like JD loves Turk(I’d like to  blame Nathan for giving me a copy of the entire 8 season of Scrubs for this).



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