Acceptance Stage

“I’ve always been afraid to ride on ferris wheels..until you sat there with me..”

“I love you like a writer loves his pen”

“Please..don’t give up on us yet.”

“There she was again, the same time as usual. As usual, she wore her long, black, flowing hair neatly behind her head – not exactly a ponytail, but whatever it’s called, she made it look outstanding. She’s beautiful. No doubt about it. The kind of beauty that would subtly resonate throughout the entire room without stirring the crowd. Her silent beauty gave her a mysterious flair. The kind of beauty that can make you think, “What’s with this girl? Why can’t I look away?”

“It’s insane. But I guess the suffering loneliness can cause is enough to drive anyone to insanity. This place then is just a big asylum with fancy lights and music and everyone here’s a nut job. Except her. She’s not like the rest. She’s beautiful. How can someone so beautiful be so mad?”

Dahil minsan may mga salitang di nalilimutan. Salamat. Sa mga titik, salita, pangungusap,talata, at mga sulat. Isa ako sa mga taga-hanga mo kaya sulat nang sulat. 🙂